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Bringing Home a New Dog

So you’re getting a new dog or puppy. That’s great! This is an exciting time for you, but it’s also an important time. You want to set your new dog up for success in transitioning into his or her new home. One way to ease the stress is having the right tools on hand. We’ve put together our top ten list of the must have, essential dog items that can make your first two weeks a joy instead of a disaster.

Having the right tools to work with can make a huge difference in helping your dog to transition successfully into their new home. Preferably, these items should be gathered before the dog shows up. You don’t want to have an accident to clean up, only to realize you forgot to get a pet stain remover. So here’s your shopping list:


A six foot leash is a must have for your new dog. We like a six foot length to help keep your dog at just the right distance from you. We don’t recommend a retractable leash. Retractable leashes when pulled out at distances of over six feet don’t allow you the proper control you need of your dog, especially one just learning to walk on a leash. Retractable leashes have also been know to cause severe injuries in people and dogs with severed fingers. Stick to a regular leash. You’ll be glad you did.


A harness used in combination with your six foot leash keeps your dog under control on walks and around town. A harness puts gentle pressure on your dog’s chest, instead of their neck, to in some cases, instantly stop pulling. We like the Halti Harness with a chest and a back clip.


Your new dog will need at least one food and one water bowl. You may want to get two of each so you can switch them out when you clean them. We recommend stainless steel bowls because they are sanitary and easy to clean. Throw them in the dishwasher after meal time. Remember to clean your dog’s bowls daily.

  • FOOD

You’ll need a high quality dog food for your new furry family member. You want to look for a nutritious dog food with no corn, wheat, or by products.


Don’t wait until there’s an accident to clean up to remember the pet stain remover. Carpet cleaner or vinegar is not what you want. This won’t get rid of the smell that will attract your dog to the same location to pee or poo again at a later point in time. Use a product made especially for pet stains with an enzyme that breaks down organic material and uric acid.


Crates are not cruel. Dogs are den inhabiting creatures and they like an enclosed space to sleep. It makes them feel safe and secure. A crate for containment helps in training too. Don’t forget something soft to lie on the inside of the crate.


Puppies love to put their mouth all over everything. They’re babies! They can’t help it. Get a taste deterrent to spray on things that you don’t want your dog to mouth and chew.

  • TOYS

Don’t forget the toys! Every dog needs toys to play with. We recommend getting at least one food dispensing toy, like the Kong. A food dispensing toy gives your dog a job and can entertain a dog while you’ve got company or you have to leave. Giving a dog a food dispensing toy in their crate can provide enjoyment and challenge when you need to get stuff done, without the help of your dog.


You’ll need dog brushes for your new four legged friend. The kind of brushes will depend on your dog’s coat. It’s also a good idea to get nail trimmers. Get your puppy used to having their feet touched and nail trimmed on a regular basis, from an early age.


Last but not least, your dog will need a collar with an identification tag with your contact information on it. It’s important that you have the collar and ID tag before you get your dog. You’ll want your dog to wear this collar at all times.

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