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Welcome to the Do Only Dog Rescue’s blog! We are a rescue run by five dedicated shelter volunteers, who may care deeply for the sweet babies at the shelter. We are a diverse passionate group with a purpose: to help the dogs that we spend so much time with at the shelter.

Being a volunteer at the shelter is not always easy. One question you are always asked, at least once, when you volunteer, is “how can you do this?” And we always think, “How can we not?” So while it can be depressing, we find that most of the time it’s rewarding. We get to play with dogs, to take them on walks, to remind them that they are good dogs, worthy of love. We get to see those big goofy smiles as they run in the big pen, tails wagging as they meet new friends or play with a new toy that they’ve grabbed as they dash outside. We give the views of how the world can be a place filled with love and companions who care about them.

So clearly, we love the dogs. Our one and only priority is to get the dogs we love into their perfect home where they will never again feel the way they did at the shelter. Scared, Anxious. Lonely. All we want for them is love. And we will do our best to get them there.

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