Our Mission

The Do Only Good Animal Rescue is here to facilitate the adoptions of dogs currently in the care of Oakland County Animal Shelter. We strive to find the best possible homes for these animals that have, through no fault of their own, been left at the shelter.

Dog of the Week

Say hello to a girl with the cutest little pout. This is Martina! This girl came to us as a lost doggo all the way back at the beginning of December last year. She is approximately 2 years old, 50 pounds, and loves water! That's right! You've hit the jackpot with this one - cute little underbite and a part fish! 12 Time Oakland County Canine Swim Competition - Division Spayed 45-55 Lbs - Elite Dogs beginning with M and ending in ARTINA.

 Strong work ethic and loves positive reinforcement.

Fun Fact: Her uncle's aunt-in-law's cousin was a dogfish.

So don't let the cute little pout fool you - she is ready to pump up

your joy levels to higher than they've ever been!

If you’d like to come and introduce yourself to Martina,

fill out an application HERE


Occasionally, some parts of the story are enhanced for theatrical purposes.